Research and development center for thin-film technologies in energetics (TFTE – thin-film technologies in energetics) was founded in December 2010 and its operation officially started in February 2012. TFTE is a R&D unit of Hevel Solar company, which is a breakthrough project organized in 2009 to develop photovoltaic industry in Russia. The company provides end-to-end alternative energy services starting from design and production of PV modules ending up with integration and operation of PV systems as a sustainable alternative to conventional sources of electricity. The main project of Hevel Solar is construction of plant located in Novocheboksarsk (Chuvash Republic, Russia) for production of 100 MW PV modules using micromorph technology from Oerlikon Solar.
One of the partners of R&D center is Skolkovo Foundation, which granted R&D center set of laboratory equipment needed for extended characterization of properties of thin films and device structures.
Main purpose of TFTE is futher development of micromorph technology. Research and development accomplished by TFTE is intended to increase efficiency of Hevel Solar’s PV modules and reduce production costs.