Hevel provides customised heterojunction semi-flexible solar modules to electric catamaran

Russia-based integrated PV manufacturer Hevel Group have provided specialised semi-flexible heterojunction cell-based laminates to a solar electric catamaran that is planning a 5000 km long journey across Russia.

Hevel Group, which is owned by Russia’s Renova Group, which has switched production from amorphous silicon thin-film technology to high efficiency silicon heterojunction (HJ) technology that has achieved cell conversion efficiencies of 22.8%, designed and assembled the modules for the catamaran at its R&D centre in Saint Petersburg.

The catamaran has 9 kW solar system to power the boat, which will make a series of stops on its trip that includes 40 cities in 20 Russian regions, according to the company.


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Hevel Group building 1MW plant for Russian mining company

Hevel Group is to build a 1 MW solar power plant at one of the remote mines located in Khabarovsk region (Russia’s Far East) for precious metals mining group Polymetal, to reduce reliance on diesel power generation.

”Khabarovsk region boasts high solar irradiance conditions and according to our forecast 1 MW solar power plant will generate 1.2 GWh annually,  said Igor Shakhray, CEO of Hevel Group – Many mines are located at remote off-grid areas, and solar electricity is economically viable for mining production.”

Hevel Solar has recently switched PV production from a-Si thin-film modules to silicon heterojunction production. Polymetal expects the PV power plant to reduce diesel consumption by 250 tons per annum.


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Hevel’s solar modules confirm efficiency at extremely low temperatures

R&D center of the Russian Hevel Group has undertaken testing procedures to measure performance parameters of heterojunction PV modules at extremely low temperatures. Panels were placed for 48 hours in a climate chamber with -600С which could be equal to operation in the Nordic climate. At the final stage of R&D testing program PV modules were exposed to thermal cycling at high and low temperatures during 50 cycles. Test results proved reliability and stability of solar modules at temperatures below -40 0С, encouraging Hevel Group as PV projects developer to utilize solar modules in its projects located in a cold environment.

By the end of 2018 Hevel Group will have performed an analysis of test results and launches engineering of PV systems for energy supply of different infrastructure in areas with extremely low temperatures.

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Hevel Group and Green Energy put into operation 15 MW solar power park in the south of Russia

EPC-contractor and solar module manufacturer Hevel Group completed construction on the 15 MW solar project in the southern Russian region Astrakhan. PV power plant was developed and financed by Green Energy, renewable energy project developer with 480 MW pipeline. The solar power plant will reduce СО2 emissions by 10,000 tonnes and provide output of 20 gigawatt-hours annually. Hevel Group committed to construct in the same region two more large-scale photovoltaic power plants of total capacity 120 MW by the end of the year.


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