Hevel Group will construct in the Saratov region 100 MW of solar generation

During the Russian investment forum in Sochi Hevel Group and the government of the Saratov region have signed cooperation agreement on construction of not less than 100 MW of solar power stations. The amount of Hevel Group investment in building solar power stations is estimated at 10 billion rubles. The agreement was signed by the governor of the Saratov region Valery Radayev and the CEO of Hevel Group Igor Shakhrai.

According to earlier signed agreement 2 solar power stations with a total power of 20 MW are already constructed in the region, and until the end of 2018 additionally 25 MW will be put into operation. As a result, the total amount of the investment program of the Hevel company in the Saratov region will be about 100 MW.
A construction of new solar power station will provide growth of tax revenues in the regional budget, will create new jobs and will allow to attract regional enterprises to take part in installation and construction works as also in production of supporting structures during the  period of power stations construction.


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Output solar power plants of Hevel Group exceeds 146 GWh in 2017


Hevel Group  is announcing results of solar power plants (SPP) performance for 2017. 12 Hevel Group grid solar power plants with 129 MW of total installed capacity were operating on the wholesale market for electricity. Overall Hevel solar power plants output for the 4th quarter of 2017 accounted for 12 786 thous. kW*h, and 107 111 thous. kW*h for 2017 in total.

Total output of operating SPP’s for entire period of operation made up 146 944 thous. kW*h, which is equivalent to use of 44 MIO mof natural gas for electrical power generation. Hevel solar power plants enabled to avoid more than 77 910 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Solar power output of SPP is affected by the following factors: insolation level of the plant location area, weather conditions, season of the year and sunlight time, plants repair and maintenance schedules, as well as requirements of a System operator.


Year to year solar power output, thous. kW*h

Solar Power Plant (SPP) Installed capacity 2015 2016 2017
the Republic of Altai
Kosh-Agachskaya SPP 5 5 802 7 830 7 664
Kosh-Agachskaya SPP -2 5 6 182 7 982
Maiminskaya SPP

(Phases 1-3)*

20 500
Ust-Kanskaya SPP 5 92 6 445
Ongudaiskaya SPP* 5 33
the Republic of Bashkortostan
Buribayevskaya SPP (Phases 1-2) 20 9 554 23 887
Bugulchanskaya SPP (Phases 1-3)** 15 4 798 16 847
Isyangulskaya SPP 9 87
the Republic of Buryatia
Bichurskaya SPP*


10 423
the Orenburg Region
Perevolotskaya SPP 5 185 5 390 5866
Pleshanovskaya SPP** 10 9760
Grachevskaya SPP ** 10 8777
Sol-Iletskaya SPP 25 18 730
the Saratov Region
Pugachevskaya SPP 72
Orlov-Gaiskaya SPP 38

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TÜV Rheinland Сertifies Hevel Group’s Heterojunction Solar Modules

Heterojunction solar modules produced by the leading Russian manufacturer and PV project developer Hevel Group were certified by TÜV Rheinland, as an independent third-party is accredited for testing and certifying photovoltaic systems and components according to various international standards. Hevel’s PV modules were qualified with IEC 61215 and IEC 61730.

These standards confirm that Hevel’s PV modules passed different quality and safety tests at the TÜV laboratory in Germany.

Earlier 2017 Hevel Group converted its thin-film Fab line into heterojunction technology and in the end of the previous year completed ramp up of its 160 MW solar module line.


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Companies from Russia and Belarus Jointly Developed Photovoltaic Sandwich Panel for Roofing

Hevel Group  and Belarusian company ISOBUD presented a jointly designed photovoltaic sandwich panel for roofing. Roofing material is composed of heterojunction PV modules manufactured at Hevel’s 160 MW fab. ISOBUD also came up with its own innovative sandwich panel with heating element. Both products are being demonstrated at BUDMA-2018, construction industry fair opened today in Poznan (Poland).

PV module-based rooftop sandwich panel and sandwich panel with heating element are ready-made solution for power-efficient construction. Sandwich panels are widely used in construction of residential frame-panel buildings, logistics centers, sports facilities, parking areas and other infrastructure.

Integration of high-efficiency PV module in sandwich panel and use of innovative heating sandwich panel enable to decrease significantly the power consumption of a new facility.

ISOBUD intends to launch serial production of innovative sandwich panels in 2018 and Hevel Group will secure high-efficiency PV modules supplies.

1 Isobud

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