Hevel Group plugs in two more solar power plants in Saratov region

Hevel Group plugged in two more solar power plants in Saratov region: Novouzensk SPP of 15 MW and the second stage of Orlov-Gai SPP of 10 MW. In accordance with the schedule from December 1, 2018, both stations began to supply solar electricity to the grid. According to estimations annual output of Novouzensk SPP will amount to 18 GW*h, the new plant in Orlov-Gai – 12 GW*h. Earlier in 2017 Hevel Group had constructed 2 solar power plants in the Saratov region: Pugachev SPP with a capacity of 15 MW and the first stage of Orlov-Gai SPP with a capacity of 5 MW. Thus, after the commissioning of new stations, the total capacity of the company’s solar generation in Saratov region amounted to 45 MW.

The total volume of Hevel’s projects in the region is 100 MW.


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The Hevel solar modules is a laureate of the “100 Best Goods of Russia” competition

The Hevel heterostructure solar modules has been voted to be the best in the nomination “Production of industrial-technical purpose”.


The Head of the Chuvash Republic Mikhail Ignatyev rewarded the winners. The awarding ceremony took place as a part of XIV “Strategy and practice of successful business” Interregional Forum.

Such high results were achieved due to a variety of actions like manufacturing system,  quality management system and lean manufacturing system.

As a result of the “100  Best Goods of Russia”  competition Aleksandr Petrov the director of the factory was recognized with the award “Quality Leader” for the personal contribution to the development and manufacturing.

Also Hevel became a laureate of the Head of the Chuvash Republic award for the social accountability.


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Meeting the Sun: Polytech and the Hevel signed a memorandum on cooperating

Polytechnic University and a Russian company named Hevel which is a leader in Russian solar power industry signed a memorandum on cooperating in sphere of R&D, education and engineering.

As a part of cooperation the university and the  Hevel will make researching programs, realize quality improvement programs of education and staff training for work in high-technology industries, organize and take part in projects dedicated to solar energy popularization, and also they will team up with a sunmobile project of the Polytech Solar Team.


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Russia developed a space solar battery with record specific efficiency value

Hevel Group of Companies and  RPE “TAIS” LLC worked out a high-performance and record-breaking space solar cell battery. Moreover, the coefficient of solar energy conversion in AM1.5 standard spectrum exceeds 22%, while the specific mass of the solar panel does not exceed 1.5 kg/m2. The solar system has successfully passed the tests in a vacuum and critical temperatures (from –160 to + 120 °С) without any kind of characteristic deviations. thout characteristics degradation.

In contrast to traditional solar elements based on three-stage gallium arsenide converter, the new solar panel is 30% more efficient and its cost is significantly lower what enables wide application in commercial and scientific spacecraft.

Withstood off-line tests successfully the sample of the solar battery has been already passing complex tests as part of a promising space device model. The resistance tests of the developed solar battery are lieing ahead. Such tests includes UV resistance, ionizing radiation withstand, oxygen plasma resistance. Among thise resistance tests there will be tests to check its resource and reliability parameters.


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