Hevel Group Ramps up 160 MW Solar Module Production

The leading Russian manufacturer and PV project developer Hevel Group has ramped up its 160 MW cell and PV module production. This happened six months after the company had commenced converting its thin-film Fab line into heterojunction technology. From July until December, 2017 Hevel Group produced more than 323.000 solar modules (95,25 MW).

Hevel’s R&D center in 2015 launched its own program aiming to improve solar cell efficiency and to reduce production cost of solar modules. By the end of the year the company achieved a 22.8% efficiency mark for solar cells and average nominal power of 60-cell PV modules increased from 280 to 310 W.
Company’s plan to extension manufacturing facility corresponds with Russian Government’s goal to commission 1.7 GW of PV by 2024.
Hevel’s current pipeline exceeds 400 MW including 174 MW already commissioned by the end of 2017.


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Hevel energizes another 10 MW solar facility in Russia


Russian solar module maker and PV project developer, Hevel Solar, has grid connected its 10 MW Volgograd Solar Power Plant, which was built near the city of Volgograd, in the southwest of Russia.

The project was selected under Russia’s first renewable energy auction, held in 2014. Hevel said routine activities for the project were completed on time and the new facility started the scheduled power deliveries to the grid.

Three more projects selected in the 2014 auction were connected to the grid in early December: the 15 MW Pugachyovsky solar plant and the 5 MW Orlov-Gai facility in the Saratov region; and the 9 MW Isyangulovo solar park in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Including the Volgograd project, the company’s grid-connected PV capacity contributing to the Wholesale Power Market and delivering power to the grid, has reached 139 MW.

Hevel is only active in the Russian market, where its PV project pipeline totals 500 MW. The company has also recently announced it will increase production capacity at its module manufacturing facility in Novocheboksarsk, in the Chuvash Republic, from 160 MW to 250 MW by the end of 2018.


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Hevel plugs in 6 new solar power plants


Non-Commercial Partnership Administrator of the Trade System of the Wholesale Power Market of the Unified Energy System (ATS corporation) has formally notified Hevel Group that since December 01 this year their six solar power plants are entitled with the right to enter the wholesale electricity and capacity market as load participants. It means that the routine activities have been completed in time and the new SPP’s built by Hevel have started the schedules power deliveries into the grid.
The three solar power plants – Pugachyovsky SPP (the Saratov region, 15 MW), Orlov-Gai SPP (the Saratov region, first turn – 5 MW), the Isyangulovo SPP (the Republic of Bashkortostan, 9 MW) – have launched the power supplies in the first pricing zone of the Wholesale Electricity and Capacity Market (“Europe”). The Mayma SPP (the Altai Republic, two turns 10 MW each), the Onguday SPP (the Altai Republic, 5 MW) and the Bichura SPP (the Republic of Buryatia, 10 MW) are supplying power in the second pricing zone (“Siberia”).
Therefore, at present the on-grid solar power plants supervised by Hevel Group for the aggregate capacity of 129 MW are participating in the Wholesale Power Market and delivering power to the grid. These power plants are constructed in compliance with RF Government Decree No. 449 “On the Mechanism for the Promotion of Renewable Energy on the Wholesale Electricity and Capacity Market” dd. Nay 28, 2013. The document stipulates generation of 1.7 GW of solar power in Russia by 2020.


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Hevel switches on 10 MW solar park in Russia


Russian solar module maker and PV project developer Hevel Solar has announced it has connected to the grid a 10 MW solar plant in Russia. The Bichurskaya SPP solar plant is located in south-central region of Siberia, in the Bichursky District of the Republic of Buryatia. Construction on the project had started in May of this year. Hevel said that the installation relies by 70% on equipment produced by Russian enterprises of electrical engineering and metal-processing industry. Projects that use a large quota of locally manufactured PV products are entitled to receive higher incentives.

The project is part of an agreement that Hevel signed with the local government for the development of on-grid solar power plants with the aggregate capacity to 150 MW and off-grid hybrid power facilities with the aggregate capacity to 2,5 MW. The company added that the PV plant will help improve the reliability of the local grid and reduce power losses.


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