Chuvashia is a country of the sun!

News of the Week with Dmitry Kiselyov. Broadcast on January 17, 2016.

«… Chuvashia called the country of the sun. This is the only place in Russia, which produces solar panels.

One interpretation of the name of Chuvashia — is a country of the sun. With this so much is connected, even the ancient legend says, there used to be not only one sun on this earth, but three ones. Not surprisingly, the first and only one factory in Russia, which produces solar panels, is built in Chuvashia.

Company name is «Hevel» – in Chuvash means «the sun.» Maximum robotics, along the line — no one. And nanotechnology. Micromorph thin film coating on the glass. First — zinc oxide layer, then — the silicon. That is, it converts the light photons into electricity. For the year — almost 100 thousand units, of which in Bashkortostan, for example, have already collected the country’s largest solar power plant. »




Russian physicists have made a breakthrough in solar ENERGY

«…this is the successful example of cooperation between science and business. We succeeded in the course of our research to develop the product — heterostructure solar module with an efficiency of 20%, «- said Eugene Terukov, Deputy Director General for Research of R&D Center.

«If we do not evolve with the industry, with the point of view of global development, then we will lag behind. Today we jumped forward and we are on the same development as the photovoltaics in the world. 22 percent is a good indicator. Today 16 per cent efficiency is the norm «, — says Igor Shahray, General Director of» Hevel «.

The equipment at the plant will introduce a new technology in the short term. Until the end of December another 5 solar plants are going to build in the next year 11. The first solar power plant, which will be installed modules on the new technology is likely to be in the Altai. «In Russia there is a goal — by 2020 to build six gigawatts of solar power,» — says Anton Usachev, director of the Association of solar energy.




Skolkovo: foresight session on thin-film technologies and distributed generation


The Innovation Center Skolkovo 3 – the 4th of December the strategic foresight session on the development of thin-film technology industry took place, as well as a round table on the prospects for the creation of pilot sites to test solutions for distributed generation. Foresight session «Industry thin-film technologies» was held in the format of a two-day «mini-express the accelerator.» The cluster of energy efficient technologies organized the event together with Technopark «Skolkovo», as well as professionals in the field of technology from the company party «Skolkovo» «R&D Center. » The main objective of foresight session «Industry thin-film technology» was to discuss and develop common approaches to innovation for the industry of thin films in energy. The cluster of energy efficient technologies with the participation of representatives of energy companies, development institutions and the investment of venture companies held a round table on the prospects for the creation of pilot sites to test solutions for distributed generation. This is all the more urgent task of developing decentralized power supply. Distributed generation is one of the important elements of the National Technology Initiative.




Solar modules COMPANY «Hevel» confered the mark of «Russian nanotechnology product»

Solar modules of «Hevel» confered the mark of «Russian nanotechnology product.» The ceremony took place on December 3 at the IV Congress of the nanotechnology industry enterprises. This mark confirms that the product is a nanotechnology company, it corresponds to the most modern standards of quality and safety. Diploma handed chairman of the management company «RUSNANO» Anatoly Chubais and Head Rosstandart Alexey Abramov.

The decision on awarding the mark is accepted by the Commission, which includes representatives of federal executive bodies, public organizations, leading scientists and experts in the field of quality assurance and safety of innovative products. «The assignment of the mark» Russian nanotechnology products «solar modules of» Hevel «- a high valuation of the entire staff of the enterprise and at the same time a great responsibility for the quality and innovation of the sending of the product,» — said General Director Igor Shahray.

The company structure includes: production unit (factory for the production of thin-film photovoltaic modules in Novocheboksarsk, Chuvash Republic), developer division (design and construction of solar power plants portfolio in the coming years — more than 250 MW) and R&D Center, which is Russia’s only specialized scientific organization dedicated to research and development in the field of solar energy.