The Indian scientists visited the R&D Center

Officials of the Department of science and technology of Republic of India and representatives of various research institutes of India visited the R&D Center. The members of delegation got acquainted with the process of production of thin-film solar modules on technological equipment of the Swiss company “Oerlikon” installed in the center with the aim to organize production of thin-film solar modules on the basis of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon in Russia.



Federal Agency for scientific management familiarize with research organizations of Saint-Petersburg

On the 19th of September 2014 Federal Agency for scientific management (Fano) held the first session of the expert “Development Strategy Network of Scientific Organizations” in Saint-Petersburg with the participation of Deputy Head of Fano A.M. Medvedev who visited then R&D Center. In the context of the obeyance of law of the scientific research management structure reforming as well as effectiveness result increase and updating tasks in the transition to VI technological structure. General director of R&D Center, Orekhov D.L introduced the guest with the thin-film solar modules manufacturing process based on amorphous and microcrystalline silicon on a pilot line of Oerlikon and talked about further work to improve the efficiency of solar radiation conversion .



Solar modules testing at low temperatures

Much of the Russian territory is situated in climates where winter temperature could reach -40°C. The need for energy supply of these regions in accordance with the program “The Energy Strategy of Russia for the Period of up to 2020” imposes certain requirements, such as environmental friendliness, safety, autonomy, low operating costs. These requirements are met by renewable energy sources, in particular, solar modules. To evaluate the effect of low temperatures on their parameters, long-term test is being conducted at temperature of -50°C in a special environmental chamber in the R&D Center.

Also, since June 2013 in Yakutsk on the roof of the building of natural science faculty of North-Eastern Federal University R&D specialists have installed photovoltaic systems based on a-Si:H/mc-Si:H and crystalline Si for tests in real operating conditions.


Certification of solar modules made by R&D Center’s pilot line.

In order to confirm the required product output characteristics and  operation stability of R&D Center’s pilot line for silicon  thin film solar modules production a  control lot of modules for certification was delivered to independent expert organization TṺV Rheinland, a leading center of the certification of industrial products in the EU (Germany),. The tests confirmed full compliance of R&D Center’s  solar modules with manufacturers specification and demonstrated that the pilot line reached stable production regime. The modules produced at R&D center possess characteristics at the level of major European manufacturers of thin-film solar modules.