First Russian heterostructure solar modules on silicon with an efficiency of 20%.

R&D Center staff on a pilot production line of thin-film solar modules manufactured industrial prototypes heterostructure solar modules on crystalline silicon technology HIT (Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer) with a mesh size 156x156mm2. The resulting samples showed conversion efficiency of ~ 20% and a good reproducibility of the entire area of the reactor installation KAI 1200. To further increase the efficiency of research work scheduled on working processes the surface chemical treatment of the crystalline silicon wafer, deposition conditions of an amorphous silicon layer, a contact grid manufacture.

In recent years there has been significant progress in increasing the efficiency of the solar structure of the type currently in laboratory samples reached the value of 25.6%, which exceeds the results for the p-n structures on crystalline silicon.



Head Fano M.M. Kotyukov visited R&D Center

On December 8, in «Hermitage» building, in these days 250-year anniversary was celebrated, There was a meeting of the Council for Science and Education, chaired by the President of Russia V.V. Putin, which was attended by the head of the Federal Agency of scientific organizations M.M. Kotyukov.  The meeting was dedicated to the reforms in the sector of basic research.  As part of a visit to research institutes of St. Petersburg on December 9 Fano head examined R&D Center in the energy and got acquainted with the work areas to enhance the conversion efficiency of solar modules.



Results of the All-Russia premium «Eco-friendly development — EVOLUTION AWARDS 2014»

During the meeting of the Federal Environmental Council on December the contest results to determine the winner of the «eco-friendly development, Evolution Awards 2014» established by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in partnership with the internet portal 3 were summed.

Prize has been awarded to Russian companies, as well as private individuals for their achievements in the field of «green» technologies and sustainable development.

The outcome of the special committee chaired by the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation Sergei Donskoi were determined award winners, who were awarded prizes.

In the category «Best Company — manufacturer of alternative energy»:

1. LLC «Forest Holding Company» Altayles «Altai region: Production of thermal energy by waste recycling of manufacture of wood

2. LLC «Hevel» Chuvash Republic: Kosh-Agach solar electric power station.

3. LLC «InnotehEnergo», Penza region: Production of biomethane-hydrogen energy source of biomass for energy and transport.


An agreement on cooperation between the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chuvash Republic

President of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Vladimir E. Fortov and head of the Chuvash Republic Mikhail Ignatiev signed in Moscow an agreement providing for the long-term strategic cooperation in the field of advanced research and innovation.

Russian Academy of Sciences and the Cabinet of Ministers of Chuvash Republic will join forces to conduct basic and applied research;  long-term strategy and specific actions aimed at creating and maintaining the conditions for cutting-edge research; developing mechanisms of realization of innovative projects aimed at commercialization of ideas and technological solutions, as well as to create favorable conditions for the release of innovative companies of the Chuvash Republic in the domestic market of the Russian Federation and foreign markets, preparation of highly skilled scientific and technical personnel.

Commenting the importance of signing the agreement, the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Fortov and Vice-President Sergey Aldoshin noted that between the Academy and the Chuvash Republic has a long-standing relationship, which are now even more strengthened.  Effective cooperation with a number of enterprises, in particular, with «Hevel».