Practical training of another group of LLC Hevel’ technologists

Another group of LLC Hevel’s technologists (company producing solar moduls is planned a test run for the month of March) is trained on R&D Center TFTE LLC’s process equipment. They thoroughly acquaint with the specific manufacturing process consistently throughout solar module’s pilot production line. The knowledge acquired and practical skills experience will reduce start time of production chain with access to designed capacity of 1 million thin-film photovoltaic modules.


Siberia will get 254 MW of solar generation from Hevel

Yevgeny Kazakov, Hevel’s representative, within the limits of meeting devoted to the energy security of Siberia said that the company intends to implement in the near future in the regions a project for the construction of parks SES (solar power), total capacity will be 254 MW.

«As a result of the selection of the SFD (Siberian Federal District), conducted the past and this year, made a decision to construct two hundred fifty-four megawatts of solar generation.  Kazakov said: “We assume that next year sales will be as follows: Trans-Baikal Region — ten megawatts, Omsk region — thirty megawatts of Buryatia — twenty-five megawatts, Altai — thirty megawatts».

Hevel’s representative also said that the company plans to construct the Siberian wholesale SES five megawatts capacity, and solar-diesel powers will be offered for remote areas.


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Science and Education

E.I. Terukov — Deputy Director General of R&D Center TFTE LLC appeared on TV-broadcast Science and Education in Saint-Petersburg dedicated to alternative energy sources and informed about the development of various directions of renewable energy in Russia, including solar, and the challenges facing the R&D Center in the field of effectiveness increase of solar modules conversion.





R&D Center will create flexible solar cells

R&D Center will create new solar cells for spacecraft power systems. The main objective of the technology is focused on production of solar cells on flexible polymer substrate. New development will improve solar cells specific characteristics that increase spacecraft payload.

This area of R&D Center activity is part of research and development program in the field of solar energy, implemented by the scientific team of R&D Center. The program is aimed at improvement of existing solar module manufacturing technologies.