Installation of experimental system on the roof of the technical college of the Astrakhan state university was finished. The assembly includes various photovoltaic modules and is designed to test solar modules under real sun radiation conditions. The monitoring system was developed in the R&D center for thin-film technologies in energetics. Control of system operation and the analysis of the obtained data is made remotely: all information is transferred via internet connection and is saved in the network database, so the specialists of the R&D center observe continuously updated data of module’s operation parameters, of sun radiation level and of weather conditions on the installation site.







Measurement set up of system that enables monitoring of the photovoltaic modules (supplied by  R&D center for thin-film technologies in energetics) was assembled on the roof of one of the buildings of the Ufa State Aviation Technical University (USATU. In addition UGATU and R&D center have signed agreement on scientific cooperation in the field of renewable solar power by creation insolation monitoring system in the Republic of Bashkortostan, by joint participation in research and development projects and by training of qualified personnel in the sphere of renewables.


In frames of the project «One Day from Nano Life» — NANO-24, implemented by editorial office of the Russian Reporter magazine, article about training of new young scientists conducted in the R&D center was published. These scientists will soon determine high-tech future of Russian Federation and will be able to work on modern technological and research equipment that is used in the field of advanced nanotechnological development.


TFTE was presented on PVSEC22 in Hangzhou, China

TFTE representative attended 22nd Photovoltaic science and Engineering Conference. Thin-film technology center was presented to the conference attendees in frames of the section «Amorphous, Microcrystalline and Nanocrystalline Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells». Negotitions with such organizations as IMT (University Neuchatel/EPFL), TUDelft,Boading Tianwei Solarfilms Co., Shanghai Institute of Space Power Sources, Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute have been conducted.