Delivery Club will equip their backpacks with solar modules for phone charging


The deliverymen from Delivery Club Company will get backpacks with solar panels for charging mobile phones. This experiment will take place in Moscow, Krasnodar and Kazan. The solar modules for backpacks were developed and produced by R&D center Hevel. Their power is 12,2 W, a capacity is 6000 mAh. This will be enough to charge phones fully for three times.

The Delivery Club’s representatives noticed that to charge the phones 100% in moderate climate of Russia the deliverymen need to spend 2-3 hours in the out-of-doors.

Ivan Zadokhin, the Logistics Director in Delivery Club, explained that deliverymen always must be in touch but their phones are discharging fast because they should have their GPS determination always on. “The deliverymen usually have several accumulators but it could be failed in any time so the deliverymen have to charge their phones at the cafes. That’s why our company decided to try an unusual solution of this problem – solar modules”, said Zadokhin. He also added that after the solar-powered backpacks summer testing the Delivery Club will study the staff’s reviews and make a decision about the realization of this idea.


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Hevel Group presented its developments at RENWEX 2019


In June 18-20 the International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for Renewable Energy and Electric Transport — RENWEX 2019 — took place in Moscow in the Expocentre Fairgrounds for the first time.

The Hevel group presented the work of an autonomous solar installation and held several seminars about solar solutions for commercial facilities and private households. 62 companies from Austria, Germany, China, the Netherlands, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey and Switzerland demonstrated their technologies and new developments at the exposition.





Hevel Group starts construction of the largest PV plant in Kazakhstan


Hevel Group started construction works on its 100 MW solar project named “Nura” in North Kazakhstan. Upon completion and commissioning in 2020 PV plant will be one of the largest in CIS.

Start of construction took place at the same time as Hevel’s subsidiary, operating in Kazakhstan, announced to sign several deals to acquire stakes in local companies that resulted in increase of Hevel’s portfolio up to 178 MW.

Assets acquisition and construction works are financed with own funds as well as with debt financing secured by Eurasian Development Bank.

“For construction of solar projects we would use our own heterojunction 375 W bifacial solar modules as well equipment of other suppliers. We are seeking to further expansion of our portfolio in Kazakhstan, said Hevel Group’s CEO Igor Shakhray.

Construction of PV plants is scheduled to complete by 2020, connected solar parks will feed United power system of Kazakhstan.

This year Hevel is going to start construction works at 50 MW and 20 MW solar projects in south regions of Kazakhstan. The company was awarded both PV plants at the bidding round in 2018.


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Hevel constructs solar power plant on the Omsk refinery site


Hevel Group and Gazprom Neft PJSC have signed the agreement of cooperation in renewable energy. The companies agreed to extend cooperation by joint work in creation and application of new power supply technologies and increase of environmental friendliness of the oil sector facilities.

Construction of 1 MW solar power plant on the Omsk refinery site will be on of the first joint projects. The photovoltaic system will be executed in four types: static terrestrial, facade, rooftop and on moving devices – trackers. Dual axis automated tracker – “sun tracking” system, enabling to increase power output. Heterojunction solar modules with maximum efficiency owing to reflection from the ground surface will be another innovation.

Development of the renewables grid generation on the wholesale electricity market through power delivery contracts resulted in the emergence of new segments. Construction of solar power systems in hard-to-reach locations demonstrates the most positive trends today. The demand for self-generating facilities is also rising both on the industrial sector and small and mid-sized businesses part.

“Upcoming cooperation gives new opportunities for technologies development in solar power industry. Oil and gas sector infrastructure has great potential to implement RES-based solutions, and we are happy, that the industry leader – Gazprom Neft – actively develops solar power generation direction”, — emphasized Hevel Group CEO Igor Shakhray.

“This project is an important part of our refineries modernization program. Solar power plants will provide the Gazprom Neft refineries with additional generation and enable them to increase efficiency and ecological compatibility. We engage Hevel Company, having vast experience in work with renewables, as a partner to implement the project”, — noticed Deputy CEO of Gazprom Neft for Logistics, Refining and Sales Anatoly Cherner.


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