Meeting the Sun: Polytech and the Hevel signed a memorandum on cooperating

Polytechnic University and a Russian company named Hevel which is a leader in Russian solar power industry signed a memorandum on cooperating in sphere of R&D, education and engineering.

As a part of cooperation the university and the  Hevel will make researching programs, realize quality improvement programs of education and staff training for work in high-technology industries, organize and take part in projects dedicated to solar energy popularization, and also they will team up with a sunmobile project of the Polytech Solar Team.


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Russia developed a space solar battery with record specific efficiency value

Hevel Group of Companies and  RPE “TAIS” LLC worked out a high-performance and record-breaking space solar cell battery. Moreover, the coefficient of solar energy conversion in AM1.5 standard spectrum exceeds 22%, while the specific mass of the solar panel does not exceed 1.5 kg/m2. The solar system has successfully passed the tests in a vacuum and critical temperatures (from –160 to + 120 °С) without any kind of characteristic deviations. thout characteristics degradation.

In contrast to traditional solar elements based on three-stage gallium arsenide converter, the new solar panel is 30% more efficient and its cost is significantly lower what enables wide application in commercial and scientific spacecraft.

Withstood off-line tests successfully the sample of the solar battery has been already passing complex tests as part of a promising space device model. The resistance tests of the developed solar battery are lieing ahead. Such tests includes UV resistance, ionizing radiation withstand, oxygen plasma resistance. Among thise resistance tests there will be tests to check its resource and reliability parameters.


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Hevel is a member of Dubai exhibition

In Dubai Hevel Group presented HJT PV modules at the international exhibition WETEX 2018 dedicated to water treatment technologies, energy technologies and enviroment protection. This contest held from 23 to 25 October 2018 as part of “Green Week”.

The company presented its production samples and specialities: double-sided and semi-flexiable solar panels.


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Hevel Group supplies HJT PV modules to Thailand

Hevel Group has supplied 279 kW of  heterojunction solar modules to one of the largest oil and gas companies in Thailand – Bangchak Corporation Plc.  HJT modules are installed on top of Bangchak Corporation’s infrastructure units.

“This is our first major shipping contract, says Hevel Group’s CEO Igor Shakhray, We are working in a niche, high-performance segment, that is why our solutions are ideal for rooftop solar systems to maximize output per square meter. Besides module supplies, we are also considering providing a wide range of PV services, from EPC to IPP.”

“Bangchak’s vision, ‘evolving greenovation’, comes from our belief that green innovation is the key to solving the social and environmental challenges of the modern world, told Chaiwat Kovavisarach – President and CEO of Bangchak Corporation, Our flagship ‘greenovative experience’ service station embodies this spirit of innovation, and hence our choice of incorporating Hevel’s high efficiency HJT solar modules into our unique ‘green community energy management system’, and our commitment to offer the latest technology to our customers”.


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