Chuvashia is a country of the sun!


News of the Week with Dmitry Kiselyov. Broadcast on January 17, 2016.

«… Chuvashia called the country of the sun. This is the only place in Russia, which produces solar panels.

One interpretation of the name of Chuvashia — is a country of the sun. With this so much is connected, even the ancient legend says, there used to be not only one sun on this earth, but three ones. Not surprisingly, the first and only one factory in Russia, which produces solar panels, is built in Chuvashia.

Company name is «Hevel» – in Chuvash means «the sun.» Maximum robotics, along the line — no one. And nanotechnology. Micromorph thin film coating on the glass. First — zinc oxide layer, then — the silicon. That is, it converts the light photons into electricity. For the year — almost 100 thousand units, of which in Bashkortostan, for example, have already collected the country’s largest solar power plant. »



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