TFTC is equipped with Gen 5 Pilot line from Oerlikon Solar. This Pilot line is designed to produce full-scale (1,4 m2) solar modules. The pilot line includes:

1. Equipment for deposition of semiconductor thin films includes two PECVD systems KAI 1-1200 from Oerlikon Solar for deposition of a-Si and µc-Si juncions correspondingly, LPCVD system TCO 1-1200 for deposition of boron doped ZnO films playing a role of contact layers and laser scribing system LSS 1200 for module structuring.

2. Equipment for glass cleaning and finishing of module production: high quality cleaner, laser edge isolation system, automated contacting station, equipment for foil and back glass placement, laminator.

3. Metrology equipment for testing of 1,4 m2 modules: automated optical inspection, haze, resistance, thickness tester, flasher, spectroscopic ellipsometer, multi contact table, IR camera, climate chamber.

4. Set of equipment for testing of 10×10 cm2 modules and small cells: sun simulator, quantum efficiency measurement system, light soaking bench.

It is clear that using small laboratory equipment for initial stages of development of different improvement of technology reduces costs of research and leads to higher flexibility. For that purpose laboratory cluster system from Oxford Instruments is included in the equipment granted by Skolkovo. This system includes cameras for PECVD, Atomic Layer Deposition, RF and DC magnetron sputtering and reactive Ion Etching for samples 10×10 cm2. Results obtained in this system will be scaled up on Pilot line.


Equipment name

Technical specification

Technological equipment

Technological cluster Oxford Instruments System 100 Pro Cluster Tool:

—          4 PECVD chamebrs Plasma Pro 100;

—          ALD chamber FlexAl

Substrate size up to 15х15 сm2

PECVD: electrode heating up to 400°С, 41 MHz 300 W RF generator; 12 cm range variable electrode.

ALD: chamber wall heating up to 150°С, electrode heating up to 400°С, ICP65 plasma source, 13,56 MHz RF generator

Reactive ion etching system Oxford Instruments RIE ICP Plasmalab 100 240 mm electrode with cooling system and helium feed under substrate; inductively coupled plasma source: 13,56 MHz 3 kW RF generator; DC biased substrate
Magnetron sputtering system Oxford Instruments PlasmaPro 400 Four 150 mm magnetrons, 4 substrate (up to 200 mm) rotatable  table; 2,5 kW DC source, 1,8 kW magnetron RF source; DC biased substrate
Ultrasonic cleaner Crest Ultrasonic OCJ-1014- Three independent ultrasonic chambers, hot air blower
Thermocabinet SNOL 58/350 Electronic temperature regulator up to 350°С
Turbo pumping station Pfeiffer Vacuum HiCube80 Eco Minimal pressure 1х10-7 mbar, pumping speed N2 67 l/s

Diagnostic equipment

Fourier IR-spectrometer ThermoScientific

Nicolet 8700

Spectral range: 27 000 – 375 сm-1, spectral resolution 0,09 сm-1, ATR accessory; FTPS (Fourier Transform Photocurrent Spectroscopy) external optical scheme
Optical spectrometer Agilent Varian Cary 5000 Spectral range: 175 – 3300 nm, spectral resolution UV-Vis 0,05 nm, NIR 0,2 nm; constant and variable angle reflection accessory; integrating sphere accessory
Raman scattering and PL system based on Horiba LabRAM HR800 UV-Vis-NIR Raman spectrometer Spectral range 200 – 2200 nm,

Excitation wavelengths: 244 nm, 257 nm, 488 nm, 514,5 nm, 532 nm, 632,8 nm, 785 nm

Dark and photoconductivity measurement system based  on Cryo Instruments of America liquid nitrogen cryostat Temperature range 80-800 К; current measurement range 10-12 А – 20 mА
Optical microscope  Nikon LV100D 1000х optical zoom, transmitted and reflected light; PC visualization, differential interference contrast,  dark field, bright field
Spectroradiometer  Array CAS 140 Spectral range 200 – 2150 nm, integrating sphere
Spectroscopic ellipsometer UVISEL 2 UV-Vis-NIR Spectral range 190-2100 nm, automatic goniometer, angle range 35°-90°
Hall effect measurement system Ecopia HMS5000 Resistivity measurement range 10-4 – 107 Ohm*сm, mobility measurement range 1 – 107 cm2/V*s, temperature range 80-350К
Stylus profiler AlphaStep D-120 Vertical measurement range: 0-800 mм; 40х – 160х optical zoom; 55 mm scanning length; 2 mм (60° curvature radius), 0,2 mм stylus
Plasma emission optical spectrometer Ocean Optics Plascalc-2000-UV-VIS-NIR Spectral range 200-1100 nm, gas emission lines database
Residual gas analyzer Hiden HPR-30-A2 with HALO 201RC mass-spectrometer 200 amu measurement range; inlet pressure range  10-4 mbar – 2 bar

Test equipment

Climatic chamber Welltech JTH-1000R Full compliance with IEC61215/61646, IEC62108, IEC61730-2, UL1703, JIS C-8917, JIS C-8938, JIS C-8990, JIS C-8991 international standards; internal dimensions 500x1500x1400mm; temperature range -40 to +150°С; humidity range 20-99 % RH
Helium leak-detector Adixen ASM-142  

Metrological equipment

Four lamp pulse sun simulator Technoeksan with variable emission specter Voltage range -20 to 10 V; current range 0-±10 Amps; pulse length up to 3 ms; AM 1,5 irradiance for 100×100 mm2 and 20×20 mm2 area 0,1-5 B/cm2, respectively;
Kipp Zonen actinometric equipment —          SOLYS 2 Sun tracker with shading ball assembly and and Sun Sensor Kit

—          CHP-1 Pyrheliometer

—          CMP 21 Pyranometer

—          CMA 11 Albedometer

—          MW 35 Anemometer

—          MW 36 Wind Vane

—          COMBILOG data logger

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