Hevel found the sun in Kazakhstan: export access


won the award of contract and will build two solar plants totaling 70 MW  in Kazakhstan. According to the analysts the invests might reach 4.6 – 8.5 billion roubles. It is great time to entry into an international market: in the Russian Federation the prolongation mechanism of green generation is discussed ardently and its key criteria may be export.

Hevel Group was awarded 15-year PPAs for the sale of power from two solar plants totaling 70 MW from 150 MW, which will be located in southern Kazakhstan where solar insolation is about 1800 kWh/ m2 annually so that guarantees high rates. It will be commissioned between 2019 and 2020. As a result of tender the cost sank down to $0,05–0,06 for 1 kWt/h. Hevel Group’s CEO Igor Shakhray eleborates that CAPEX of solar power plants in Russia after the last bidding round is already at a competitive level and Hevel will continue to decline it by investing in R&D, developing new advanced technologies and launching new products entried the international market.  “Such support will make it possible to continue to compete in foreign markets and thereby increase the volume of investments in the industrial and scientific sphere in Russia,” considers Igor Shakhray. The Hevel’s project portfolio now amounts to 907 MW of solar power capacities.

Kazakhstan plans to reach 50% of renewable energy share in the national mix by 2050. In 2018 they plan to conduct auctions covering a total capacity of 1,000 MW of renewable energy :

Solar power stations – 290 MW;

Wind power stations – 620 MW;

Hydroelectric power stations – 75 MW;


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