Hevel Group became a winner of National Industrial Award “Industry-2019”



Hevel group became the Laureate of the National Industrial Award «Industry» for the development of heterostructure solar cell technology and its implementation in industrial production.

Dmitry Kozak, the Vice Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, handed Igor Shakhrai, the CEO of Hevel Group, a prestigious Award. The Hevel Group is the Russian largest integrated company in the solar energy industry. The photoelectric module based on a heterostructure junction was exposed on the award. The heterostructure technology is a hybrid of crystalline and thin-film technologies for the production of solar cells. Today Hevel solar modules make the top of 5 global manufacturers for efficiency. In 2018 Hevel Group won a prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of quality.

Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia launched the National Industrial Award “Industry” in 2014 in order to facilitate the promotion of advanced technologies in industrial production, in public recognition best practices of Russian companies in the industrial development field. In 2015 the award earned governmental status. Applications from 70 companies were submitted in a request for Industry Award this year.


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