Hevel Group Ramps up 160 MW Solar Module Production


The leading Russian manufacturer and PV project developer Hevel Group has ramped up its 160 MW cell and PV module production. This happened six months after the company had commenced converting its thin-film Fab line into heterojunction technology. From July until December, 2017 Hevel Group produced more than 323.000 solar modules (95,25 MW).

Hevel’s R&D center in 2015 launched its own program aiming to improve solar cell efficiency and to reduce production cost of solar modules. By the end of the year the company achieved a 22.8% efficiency mark for solar cells and average nominal power of 60-cell PV modules increased from 280 to 310 W.
Company’s plan to extension manufacturing facility corresponds with Russian Government’s goal to commission 1.7 GW of PV by 2024.
Hevel’s current pipeline exceeds 400 MW including 174 MW already commissioned by the end of 2017.


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