Hevel Group will construct in the Saratov region 100 MW of solar generation


During the Russian investment forum in Sochi Hevel Group and the government of the Saratov region have signed cooperation agreement on construction of not less than 100 MW of solar power stations. The amount of Hevel Group investment in building solar power stations is estimated at 10 billion rubles. The agreement was signed by the governor of the Saratov region Valery Radayev and the CEO of Hevel Group Igor Shakhrai.

According to earlier signed agreement 2 solar power stations with a total power of 20 MW are already constructed in the region, and until the end of 2018 additionally 25 MW will be put into operation. As a result, the total amount of the investment program of the Hevel company in the Saratov region will be about 100 MW.
A construction of new solar power station will provide growth of tax revenues in the regional budget, will create new jobs and will allow to attract regional enterprises to take part in installation and construction works as also in production of supporting structures during the  period of power stations construction.


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