Hevel plant produced 229 MW of solar modules in 2019



In 2019 the solar module plant Hevel in Novocheboksarsk produced 698,000 high efficiency heterojunction solar modules with a total capacity of 229 MW, fulfilled the planned targets comprehensively.

In 2019 the solar modules were delivered to the solar power plants: Elshanskaya PV plant (15 MW) and Dombarovskaya PV plant (33.5 MW) in the Orenburg Region, Yashkulskaya PV plant in the Republic of Kalmykia with a capacity of 33.5 MW, at Ust-Koksinskaya PV plant (40 MW) and Chemalskaya PV plant (10 MW) in the Altai Republic, as well as on partner projects: in the Republic of Buryatia (45 MW), in the Orenburg region, the Svetlinskaya PV plant (30 MW) and Novosergievskaya PV plant (15 MW). There were started the shipping of products to the Republic of Kazakhstan for the construction of the Nura PV plant with a capacity of 100 MW. Part of the production is aimed at implementing energy supply projects for industrial infrastructure and private households.

In June 2019 the modernization of production facilities in the plant was completed, the annual output of solar modules increased from 160 to 260 MW. Also in June the Hevel plant began producing bifacial solar modules from 72 cells, the power of which, taking into account the bifacial coefficient, reaches 420 W. In total, these products occupy about 35%.

Field tests of bifacial heterojunction modules showed that their specific output exceeds the production of single-sided modules by 5-12% on sunny days and up to 20% on cloudy days and in winter, depending on lighting conditions.

During the year the company continued to improve the quality characteristics of cells and modules.

At the end of 2019, the average efficiency of cells reached 22.7%, and the maximum efficiency of cells in production exceeds 23.2%. By increasing the efficiency of the cells and optimizing the assembly technology, the average power of single-sided modules reached 316 W, bifacial without taking into account the coefficient of bi-directionality — 375 W.

In connection with the growth of production volumes in the plant were created more than 130 new jobs.


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