International competition “Solar Regatta 2014”


On the 26th of July 2014 the international competition “Solar Regatta 2014” with innovative engineering helio-boats powered by solar energy has taken place on the Moscow River in the frames of the festival “Moscow Sports at Luzhniki”.

Solar-powered boats competed at the speed and manoeuvrability. Unique social project “Solar Regatta” was planned and built by the graduate students of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and implemented in Russia for the first time. The regatta participant – the joint team of St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University and Marine Technical University – presented to the audience and the jury their design development on the basis of solar modules produced in the R&D of thin-film technology for energetics under Ioffe Institute. In the category of boats with motors under 2 kW the team won 3rd place and by the decision of the Expert Council of journalists has been recognized as the winner in the nomination “Best Technical Design”.



The project organizers are sure that the competitions are of great importance not only for water sports and environmental protection but also for the system of engineering education of “future specialists” in Russia who will be able to see into modern technologies, to meet the challenges and to achieve  breakthrough results in high-tech sectors.

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