Research work


TFTE has set of research equipment for deposition and comprehensive study of optical and electronic properties of thin films and devices including PECVD systems, PVD systems, ALD system, spectrophotometer, SEM, ellipsometer, FTIR spectrometer, Hall effect measurement system, profilometer etc. TFTE is equipped with chemical laboratory as also metrology laboratory for evaluation of cell parameters, cell photoluminescence imaging and quantum efficiency measurement. Printer for cell metallization as also laminator for module assembly is also available in TFTE. There is also equipment for module testing: flasher, climatic chamber and UV chamber.

Main research works that have been started in TFTE are:

  • Optimization of wet chemical process:
  • Optimization of silicon layers and transparent conductive oxide deposition;
  • Optimization of cell metallization;
  • Development of new module designs;
  • Evaluation of new materials for cell fabrication and module assembly.

In the roadmap of R&D center improvement of solar cell to 23% efficiency is set up.

Additionally TFTE runs projects on electroplating, interdigitated back contact cells and flexible solar modules.






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