Results of the All-Russia premium «Eco-friendly development — EVOLUTION AWARDS 2014»


During the meeting of the Federal Environmental Council on December the contest results to determine the winner of the «eco-friendly development, Evolution Awards 2014» established by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in partnership with the internet portal 3 were summed.

Prize has been awarded to Russian companies, as well as private individuals for their achievements in the field of «green» technologies and sustainable development.

The outcome of the special committee chaired by the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation Sergei Donskoi were determined award winners, who were awarded prizes.

In the category «Best Company — manufacturer of alternative energy»:

1. LLC «Forest Holding Company» Altayles «Altai region: Production of thermal energy by waste recycling of manufacture of wood

2. LLC «Hevel» Chuvash Republic: Kosh-Agach solar electric power station.

3. LLC «InnotehEnergo», Penza region: Production of biomethane-hydrogen energy source of biomass for energy and transport.

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