Russian physicists have made a breakthrough in solar ENERGY


«…this is the successful example of cooperation between science and business. We succeeded in the course of our research to develop the product — heterostructure solar module with an efficiency of 20%, «- said Eugene Terukov, Deputy Director General for Research of R&D Center.

«If we do not evolve with the industry, with the point of view of global development, then we will lag behind. Today we jumped forward and we are on the same development as the photovoltaics in the world. 22 percent is a good indicator. Today 16 per cent efficiency is the norm «, — says Igor Shahray, General Director of» Hevel «.

The equipment at the plant will introduce a new technology in the short term. Until the end of December another 5 solar plants are going to build in the next year 11. The first solar power plant, which will be installed modules on the new technology is likely to be in the Altai. «In Russia there is a goal — by 2020 to build six gigawatts of solar power,» — says Anton Usachev, director of the Association of solar energy.



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