Russia’s largest solar power plant commissioned in Astrakhan region


The second phase of the project “Neva” –  Funtovskaya SPP with capacity of 60 MW is announced to put in service in Privolzhsky district. The 1st January 2019 is its first day commission.

Previously the government of the Russian region of Astrakhan announced that the first large-scale PV plant of SPP “Neva” with capacity of 15 MW was commissioned in Privolzhsky district. After the start of the second phase the total capacity grew to 75 MW, and Astrakhan region got the largest PV plant built in Russia. Total expected annual output is equal to 100 GWh. It will enable to avoid 58,000 ton of carbon dioxide emission and will save 33,000,000 m3 of natural gas.

In 2019 the group of companies Hevel is going to put in commission one more SPP in Astrakhan region – Akhtibunskaya SPP with capacity of 60 MW. This way the installed solar capacity in the region comes up to 135 MW. The certificate of engineering construction was given to Hevel’s structures after the group of companies purchased SPP project portfolio in the summer 2017.



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