Solar modules production factory in Novocheboksarsk has produced a trial batch of solar modules


Until the end of this year, the factory will produce at least 200,000 photovoltaic modules for solar power stations construction with installed capacity of 25 Megawatt.


Stepwise start-up of the main systems of production line and production of a trial batch has been launched at solar modules production factory “Hevel” in Novocheboksarsk with the participation of specialists of japanese corporation Tokyo Electron Limited (the main process contractor).

At present all sites of final assembly of solar modules, so-called back-end equipment, are completely installed, configured and are in operation. In particular the adjustment works of laser scribing system that is used for separation of solar modules into separate cells and providing of consistent connection in an electrical circuit are completed. The specialists of KUKA company implemented and configured robots software for the final stage of solar module assembly – installation of junction boxes.

Fulfillment of all works on the back-end sites enabled the first test release of production batch on glasses with pre-deposited transparent conductive layers  – in advance prepared substrates for the first conveyor assembly of solar modules under real production conditions. At the same time the TEL specialists are in the stage of completion of commissioning of on the front-end part of the production line, where the initial technological operations of production cycle are accomplished. At present KAI and TCO systems are tested – the primary equipment of technological line for deposition of microcrystalline and amorphous silicon layers and zinc oxide conductive layers. Also the equipment for automatic washing of front and back glass is launched and in operation. Range of activities on preparation of the class ISO 7 and ISO 8 “clean rooms” has been accomplished previously. The rooms are now operating in full mode. The engineers and technologists have to checkout all the technological processes to reach the design parameters of the factory in July of this year.

The factory “Hevel” is a unique experience of high-tech industries creation and technology transfer in the field of solar energy for Russia, allowing not only to revive the domestic industry, but also to integrate it into the global renewable energy industry. In the Novocheboksarsk factory and in the R&D Center in Saint-Petersburg the unique for Russian chemical industry technology, applicable not only in solar energy, but also in optoelectronics, microelectronics, robotics will be established.

The main construction works at the production site were completed in 2012, and in the same year the installation and equipment checkout began. Thus, about two and a half years passed before the production line is running, which corresponds to the European experience of high-tech industries creation in solar energy sector.

In total more than 230 people, 45 of them are servicemen of TEL Solar, which train russian colleagues in work with the equipment. Creation of about 300 work places at the factory is expected by the time of full installed capacity achievement.

The “Hevel” company has already signed agreements for supply of necessary raw materials and consumables for solar modules production (optical quality glass, process gases and others).However to solve the problem of components production localization the company is negotiating intensively with russian regions, and are discussing the possibility of establishing relevant industries to ensure “Hevel” factory needs.

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