Solar powered pedal boat

Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “National Center for Engineering contests and competitions” made a catamaran powered by a solar panel specifically for the expedition named «Ecovolna» (eng.meaning “Ecowave”). Electric catamaran with no single drop of combustible fuel successfully covered the distance from the Baltic to the Caspian Sea.

The vessel was engaged in St. Petersburg. The boat units are different: Russian and foreign. Most of the components on board – Russian production: solar panels are made by Hevel (Novocheboksarsk), batteries – company “Liotech” (Novosibirsk), rechargeable batteries – “Liotech” (Novosibirsk), electronics – “Microart” (Moscow).

The developer of the solar elements and modules is R&D Center TFTE.


Technical characteristics

Length 11.6 m.
Width  6.4m
Height 2 m.
Board height 1.3 m.
Passenger capacity 12 people
Sleeping accommodations 8

Technical characteristics

Total weight about 5,000 kg.
Gross area of solar cells 57 m2.
Shell material fiberglass
Total capacity 11 kWt.
LIB capacity 70 kWt.
Two engines  4 kW/h.
Max. speed 15 km/h.
Operating speed 10 km/h.


Thanks to Russian high-tech production companies («Hevel», “Lyotekh”, “Microart”) a small eco-friendly vessel was designed to run the route from the Baltic to the Caspian Sea. People all over the world improve and develop eco-technics to reduce negative impact on the environment.

The expedition, which started on May 19 in St. Petersburg, was completed in Astrakhan on September




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