Standalone mobile power generator


Solar plant

consists of 6 heterostructure solar modules based on HJT solar elements. Its efficiency is about 22%. Total peak power of the modules is 1,800 Wt (6 x 300Wt).  The power plant consists of a module separation point and module elevation adjusting mechanism. Rangeability is 0-75°.


consists of 16 accumulators with total capacity 19.2 kWt·h.

Charge control panel for accumulators

Provides synchronic work with several solar batteries, distribute charge between accumulators and simultaneous AC and DC output with different voltage for different customers.  There is a possibility of 220W AC recharge. AC output: 220V, 1,500 VA.

System consists of PLC registering energy save and output with a possibility to archive data in the external memory in order to study system PV parameters.

Plug, input and output system

Voltage 1 channel current, А Max. output кол-во каналов
AC 220V 8 1.6 kWt 2
DC 5V 1 5 Wt 8
DC 12V 5 60 Wt 2
DC 24V 2 48 Wt 2

Telescopic mast with lightening system.

The 6-section mast is 6 meters high and has hand drive and separation system. The lightening system consists of 6 LED modules. In addition, there is 3 spotlights:





Light flux,lm Protection level, IP Power volt Power coefficient,

соs φ

Температура эксплуатации
СМР-500 50 6000 67 140-265 ≥0,98 -50+50
СМP 18 2100 67 140-265 ≥0,98 -50+50

The spotlights provide 360° illumination. These spotlights are used in functional army divisions and go through field-testing more than 3 years.

Quality of controlled lightening channels – 4 pcs. Power  – AC 220W.

Undercarriage in the form of wagon.


Net weight                                                  750kg.

Gross weight (with equipment)                  1750kg.

Total weight,kg,n.e.                                  3500kg.

Type:                                                         ring;

Jacks                                                  at least 4pcs.

Total weight distribution, kg

— through forewheel 1750kg

— through rear wheel 1750kg

Total dimensions, n.e., mm

Length                                                                                    5300mm

Width                                                                                     2400mm

Height                                                                                    1800mm

Capacity size,m3                                                                    6m3

Max. speed,km.h                                                                   80km/h

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