Tent stand-alone plant


Tent material– fire-, decay- and UV-resistant synthetic fabric;

Anchoring accessories and fasting parts – at least 8pcs.

The tent has 4 surfaces with 4 flexible PV panels                                                     ;

Each panel has                            14 cells 156*156 mm.

Peak capacity of the panel                                    at least 63 W.

Peak capacity of the tent 2 kW.

For energy storage they use chargeable batteries with capacity    2,4 kW*h(100 A*h 24 V,)

Battery charge controller                                         2 pcs.

Inverter:                                                     220 W AC,

Power                                                     500 VA.

Output power mode                             net sine


Electrical equipment of the tent is collected in the independent case. The composite material of the shell increase weight strength.

The construction has closing panel with plugs for AC and ВС customers of different voltage, cooling fans, indicators, touchpad controller named OVEN 107, switchers and other units.


  • Containment                                               IP 67 with closed cover, according to EN 60 529,
  • Basic material             Carbon-filled composite,
  • Hardware rust-resisting steel,
  • Folded case dimensions n.e. 1200х600х500 mm,
  • Weight, without electonics                        n.e. 9 kg,
  • Specific weight of laminate 3000 g/m2,
  • Plug system, input and output to provide customers with suitable current
  1 channel current Max. output Channel q-ty  Тип


AC 220W 8 А 500 Wt 1 Евростандарт
DC 5V 1 А 5 Wt 7 USB(6), 2PM(1)
DC 12V 5 А 60 Wt 2 Автомобильный(1) + 2PM(1)


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