The «Russian Amazon» will be provided solar energy



The Hevel group together with the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Center Amur Tiger“ launched a social project to electrical power the infrastructure of the Bikin National Park in the Primorsky Territory. Since November 2019 till March 2020, five autonomous hybrid power plants with a total capacity of 10 kW will be installed there. Security cordons, tourist shelters and parking lots will be supplied with electricity. Each station consists of 6 heterostructure solar modules manufactured by Hevel, 4 rechargeable batteries with a total capacity of 9.6 kWh, a gas generator and inverter equipment. Thanks to the insulated container, which is also being the basis of the supporting structure for solar modules, the stations can be used all year round.

“The remoteness and special status of nature conservation areas require more sophisticated approaches to the energy supply of the infrastructure. Our experience and accessibility of technologies allow us to apply the most effective solutions to perform extremely responsible tasks. The implementation of the project will be another convincing argument for further spreading the practice of energy supply using friendly alternative environmentally energy sources, ”said Igor Shakhrai, CEO of the Hevel group.

“The joint project of the Amur Tiger Center and the Hevel company will help significantly reduce the national park’s costs for providing security cordons with electricity. In the park, the possibility to deliver the fuel for generators cab be realized only by river in summers, and in winters can be realized by snowmobiles on a frozen riverbed, which makes electricity “golden”. With the commissioning of new equipment, inspectors will be able to fulfill their functions effectively, — comments the general director of the Center «Amur Tiger» Sergey Aramilev. — Of course, in modern conditions it is not impossible to imagine a tourist shelter without electricity. After all, people come for impressions and emotions that they can take away with them, thanks to a camera or camcorder that needs to be charged. Decent living conditions can be ensured only if there is a “cheap” electricity. ”

Bikin National Park was established in 2015 to protect the habitat and traditional lifestyle of indigenous peoples. The territory of the park is 1.16 million hectares. According to the latest data, more than 40 Amur tigers live in Bikin, which makes up almost 7% of the world’s subspecies. The capital of the park is the Krasny Yar village, the main place of residence of the indigenous people of udege.

For the Hevel group this is not the first project aimed at preserving and increasing the population of rare species of animals. Previously, an autonomous solar-diesel power station was installed in the Orenburg region in the Przhevalsky horse breeding center.


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