The second phase of Kosh-Agach SPP will be completed in a month


In the Altai Republic the construction of the second phase of a solar power plant continues. Investor of the project is the Russian company «Hevel». SPP cost more than 0.5 billion rubles.

The power of the second stage, like the first, will be 5 MW. The power plant will provide a reliable power supply 2000 houses. As part of SPP — 80 thousand fototransformed modules are arranged in an area of ​​20 hectares.

«Hevel» intends to develop solar energy in the Republic of Altai, using the unique natural and climatic features of the territory. The number of sunny days in some areas of the subject of the Russian Federation are more than 300, which makes it possible to produce 1.4 thousand KWh of clean energy per year. The company plans to put into operation the objects of solar generation capacity of 45 MW. Estimated volume of investments worth at least 4.5 billion rubles.



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