“Yaranga 2.0” — nomand tents with solar panels in Chukotka


The Hevel Group of Companies is an author of an alternative power supply for modern mobile nomad tents “Yaranga 2.0”— solar panels. The group Hevel has offered such an interesting idea to the government of Chukotka. The authorities will take the final decision on this issue after discussing this innovation with the public.

This year, the Chukotka authorities purchased and sent to the communities nine portable residential complexes “Yaranga-2.0” for reindeer-breeders, communities of frostbites and owners of the Far Eastern hectare. Next year they will purchase 20 of such complexes. 73 million rubles was allocated for their purchase.

According to the government press service of Chukotka, now the government is analyzing requests from the future owners of the portable houses, specifying what power sources of energy consumption should be provided to their yarangas for their yarangas. The achieved data will allow  “Hevel” present its own variant of energy supply with the cell capacity  that lasts for up to a week in a single charge.


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